We Can Get Healthier as Seniors

It is so much easier to grab a fast food lunch or buy processed meals and throw them in the microwave, than take the time to cook a balanced, healthy meal. Our lives have gotten too busy and our bodies are suffering because of this. We really need to take stock and find a way to achieve a healthier balance in our food intake and our lives.

Processed foods have so many chemicals in them to have a longer shelf life. If you were to take a loaf of unprocessed, fresh bread and leave it on the counter, you would find mold growing on it within a few days. Buy a processed loaf and it will stay fresh for a week or two. What does this food do to our bodies? Our ancestors farmed their own food and worked all day to have it available for their tables at mealtime. Fast is simpler, but we don’t provide our bodies with the real, good nutrients it needs.

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We need to consume a smaller amount of protein, unprocessed grains and loads of vegetables on our plate at mealtime. Overeating any food will surely put on weight. If you want to maintain your weight and eat healthy, you will need to follow this plan. Adding nuts and fruits is a nice dessert to end your meal. The processed foods we eat are really damaging our bodies and more people are having adverse effects on their themselves such as getting more colds, diseases and just not feeling well.

If you find you have eaten too much, take a walk to balance out the calories you consumed. Exercise is so important to our bodies. It helps circulate the blood, nourishes our joints and helps with bone density as we age. Our bodies were made to move and we need to do this to stay healthy. If you can afford the money, join a gym. Go right from work, so you have no excuse not to exercise. Or take a walk after dinner five times a week. There is so many ways to get in your exercise each day. Walking in place while the commercials are on the television is another way. You are doing something for your body and it will thank you.

Having a balanced diet and some exercise each day will help you to lose weight and keep all the bodies organs healthy.