The Differences Between A Medicare Advantage And Medicare Supplemental Plan

I recently turned 65 and was bombarded with information about what type of Medicare plan to choose. After only three months on Medicare, I am satisfied with a Medicare Advantage plan so far. I chose the advantage plan with safe horizons … there is no additional premium after the Medicare Part B fee is deducted from my social security check.

My co-pay with this plan is as follows … $ 15 for a visit to my family doctor … $ 30 to see a specialist (I need a referral from my family doctor to see a specialist) … And $ 175 for an outpatient surgery. Few years ago, my co-pay was $ 10 to see a family doctor and $ 35 to see a specialist … The co-pay for an outpatient surgery will remain the same at $ 175.

If for instance I have a supplement plan that I would call Medigap plans, I would pay $ 123 per month extra. For this additional premium, I would eliminate office premiums, surgical co-payments and co-pay, or special procedures not included in my Medicare advantage plan.

For example, I needed a CAT scan and got a surprise when I ran the CAT scan. I received a $ 302 surprise because CAT scans are not covered under my Medicare benefit plan … Apart from this surprise, I am satisfied with the coverage I receive with my Medicare benefit plan.  Get a plan here

If you are a healthy person like me, I would recommend staying on the Medicare benefit plan. If you have regular visits to your Doctor. I would recommend you take a regular look at a Medigap plan that would eliminate all your co-pays and take care of your CAT scan. You also need to do something extra to get your medications covered with a Medigap … My prescriptions under Medicare benefit were usually under $ 10.

Are the plans easy to understand? … No, you have a lot of research to do … Even if you’re interested in a Medigap plan, you’ll eventually talk to a salesperson you can only bypass a salesperson if you choose a Medicare benefit plan.

Something to keep in mind when choosing a Medicare benefit plan is to make the doctor know the name of your plan on your appointment.  The benefit plan is an insurance contract with a third party who is assigned the premium deducted from your social security check. The insurance company takes the place of the Medicare cover. This is a bit confusing, but helpful nurses will show you the way through the puzzle.

There is talk of Medicare being beneficial on the chopping block as the National Health Plan comes into force. If you think health costs will go down with a national health plan, you are delusional. The insurance companies are not stupid, and paying for more people and allowing preconditions will costs someone and that will be you. So, just be prepared and you will not be surprised.